Intro to Automation for Drupal Projects - Training

A presentation at Drupal NEDCamp 2022 in in Providence, RI, USA by Michael Miles

Building and maintaining Drupal projects, be that modules, themes or full Drupal websites, involves many different complex tasks, such as; checking code quality, testing functionality, compiling scss or deploying to remote environments.

If these tasks rely on a human to execute them every time, that opens up the opportunity for steps to be missed and errors to occur. When possible it is better to “let the robots” handle it and automate repeatable tasks, so that they are always executed in the correct order, removing the risk of human error.

In this training, attendees will learn how to identify tasks related to the building, deployment and maintenance of their Drupal projects which are best suited to be automated. Followed by how to use common tools and services to build these automations.