Mike’s upcoming schedule

Michael Miles is presenting at these upcoming events.

Buffalo, NY, USA


Delete your code - Lightning Talk

An active codebase is ever changing. Code is added, updated, optimized and sometimes deleted. That last action, deleting code, can be an intimidating one for developers. Deleting code feels permanent, absolute and hard to undo. It’s simpler to comment out the code instead, so that, if needed, it can be quickly recovered. However doing this, can cause many headaches for developers, teams and projects. Deleting code does not have to be scary, especially when using a code repository such as git. This talk will explain the benefits of deleting old code from a codebase, how to feel confident doing so and how to best utilize a git repository to keep track of and (if needed) restore deleted code.

10 October 2023


Using AI as a Development Tool

In this presentation, we will look at the potential of leveraging A.I. as a tool that enhances developers’ creativity, streamlines the coding process, and unlock new possibilities. From analyzing code structures and proposing solutions, to inspiring developers to think creatively.

This talk will also touch upon the ethical considerations and limitations associated with leveraging A.I. in code development, emphasizing the importance of human judgment and collaboration throughout the process.

Join this talk, where we explore the potential of using A.I. as a tool for code understanding and problem solving.

24 October 2023