Bumps in the Road to Responsive

A presentation at Design4Drupal in in Boston, MA, USA by Michael Miles

Building a responsive Drupal site with a team of designers can be a bit challenging. As designers and developers work together to present a successful final product to clients, there are some challenges that will come up in the process. In this session, Genuine developers, Mike Miles and Salem Ghoweri will present solutions to three main issues that developers face when creating responsive Drupal sites with designers.

Here are the issues and solutions that will be discussed at Design 4 Drupal:

  •   What are the challenges when designing for responsive and Drupal? Realize potential roadblocks before presenting to clients to prevent any designs that are not feasible or practical for a Drupal site.
  •   Discuss the challenges developers face when building in Drupal for responsive sites. We’ll help you figure out what needs to be done to get Drupal output to work for responsive in the most time-efficient way possible. This will save you and your client time and money.
  •    The final product is not meeting client’s expectations and has limited responsive capabilities. What went wrong in front-end development and what were the challenges faced when theming Drupal for responsive. We’ll discuss the different possibilities and solutions to present a successful final product.