Low-Code methods for optimizing your Drupal Site

A presentation at Design4Drupal in in Salem, MA, USA by Michael Miles

From site visitors experiencing slow page loading, to site editors confused about the content creation process, sub-optimal performance of a Drupal site negatively impacts everyone who uses it. Optimizing your Drupal site for your users is a top priority.

Optimizing a Drupal site does not always require a developer. Many optimizations can be implemented by site builders using the Drupal admin interface.

In this session attendees will gain valuable insights into streamlining their Drupal websites using low-code techniques. The talk will emphasize three key areas:

  • Optimizing site and content structure.
  • Streamlining the admin experience.
  • Implementing effective caching strategies.
  • Reducing preprocessing.

Through practical demonstrations and examples, attendees will learn how to leverage low-code methods to improve site performance and enhance user experience of their Drupal website.