R.E.A.D: Four steps for selecting the right modules

A presentation at Florida DrupalCamp - 2015 in in Orlando, FL, USA by Michael Miles

One of the most crucial and important steps in building any Drupal project is determing which modules to use. When you are reviewing your functionality needs you may ask yourself:

Where and how can I find the modules I need? Will this module I found solve my functionality needs? Will I need to patch this module? Should I just write my own custom module? To quickly and correctly answer these questions, there are four simple steps you should follow. It’s as simple as learning how to R.E.A.D.

This session goes over the four steps of R.E.A.D, which can help you to quickly and correctly identify which module fits your functionality needs, if you should patch a contrib module or if you should write your own custom module.

This session will use real world examples of using the steps of R.E.A.D to make module decisions. We will also cover the basics and best practices of writing patches and custom modules and how to contribute them back to the Drupal community.

This session is geared towards developer, site builders and functionality decision makers who consider themselves new to Drupal. This session can also prove to be beneficial to experienced drupalists who want to validate/improve habits they have developed.